Healing Stream Ministries

Healing Stream Ministries presents:

"Real Life: The Power of God's Love for the Life You've Always Wanted"

Natural Church Development and Healthy Congregations through the Three Angels Messages
Our Purpose

How to know the love of the Heavenly Father and experience a life-changing relationship with Him so there is no need to look for love in the wrong places.

While attending this seminar you will learn about:

  • Living with joy in the judgment hour.
  • How the power of the fear of God overcomes all other fears.
  • How the power of the love of God liberates you from the bondage of looking for love in the wrong places.
  • The practical applications of the three angels messages to the problems of daily living.
  • Taking the message of the three angels as medicine for your own life before dispensing it to others.
  • Detecting when we are using the method of the beast to do the work of the Lamb.
  • How to discern God's truth from the lies of Satan in any situation.
  • How worshiping Jesus as the all-sufficient Lamb of God liberates you from control by others and the need to control others.

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