Seminar Healing Content

Seminar Content

The life-changing Seminar "Real Life: The Power of God's Love for the Life You've Always Wanted" provides a fresh look at the Three Angels Messages for your life today.

This fast-paced seminar is designed to teach you Bible principles which will bring you into a close and life-changing relationship with your loving Heavenly Father.

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While attending this seminar you will learn about:

  • The simplicity and timeliness of the three angels messages and their practical applications to the problems of daily living.
  • Taking the message of the three angels as medicine for your own life before dispensing it to others.
  • How to decode the symbols of the three angels messages by letting the Bible be its own interpreter.
  • How the security of God's everlasting covenant brings assurance of salvation.
  • How the power of the fear of God overcomes all other fears.
  • Living with joy in the judgment hour.
  • Moving from the bondage of Babylon to the freedom of Christ.
  • Why do I hurt so much if I know so much truth?
  • How the power of the love of God liberates you from the bondage of looking for love in the wrong places.
  • How the great controversy is daily played out in your personal life.
  • The operations of the beast in history and in personal experience.
  • Detecting when we are using the methods of the beast to do the work of the Lamb.
  • The power of the cross of Christ and His Spirit for victory over anything.
  • How to discern God's truth from the lies of Satan in any situation.
  • The deceptions of Satan designed especially for Adventists.
  • Spiritual and emotional health for yourself and your church.
  • How worshiping Jesus as the all-sufficient Lamb of God liberates you from control by others and the need to control others.
  • What does it mean to "live up to the light?"
  • The patience of the saints and patience with the saints.


SESSION 1: Are the Three Angels Still Flying?

SESSION 2: The Hour of His Judgment is Come

SESSION 3: Babylon is Fallen

SESSION 4: The Victory over the Beast

SESSION 5: The Commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus

Please Note: These sessions may be adapted to meet the needs and time restraints of your local church or organization.
To bring this life-changing seminar to your area, please contact us.