Covenant Prescriptions

The Covenant in the
Three Angels Messages

The Power of God’s Promises as Prescriptions for Your Life Today

God’s Covenant Appeal

 The 1st angel’s message is God’s prescription for salvation: You don’t have to work to earn your salvation, because salvation is His gift to you. The everlasting gospel is His commitment, based on the intention of His loving heart before the world began, to save all who will come to Him trusting in Christ’s death for their sin on Calvary’s cross. The assurance of salvation in the everlasting gospel motivates you to…

·         Fear God, because the ‘fear of God’ overcomes all other fears, including fear of punishment and fear of failure.

·         Give glory to Him for glorifying Him destroys the deadly cancer of pride and self-sufficiency.

·         Worship Him for worship is the heaven-designed way whereby God supplies your life with the sufficiency of His resources as you serve Him with your praises.

Warning About Covenant Violations

 The 2nd angel’s message, Babylon is fallen! is God’s assessment and judgment on the sin disease: the abuse of love, love which has to be “bought and sold.” A Babylon-like style of living breaks the covenant of her heavenly husband, Jesus Christ, by looking for love in the wrong places. Salvation and spiritual health can only be restored when you come out of the bondage of…

·         Bitterness and unforgiveness which diminish you joy and freedom in Christ.

·         The dependence (intoxication) on possessions, people, places, position and power to satisfy your deepest needs.

The cure for the sin-disease of Babylon: Rest in the security of God’s love, because the power of His love overcomes fears of rejection and liberates you from the bondage of looking for love in the wrong places.

Warnings about Covenant Violations

 The 3rd angel’s message: Do not worship the beast! God’s description of the sin disease: idolatry and the resulting abuses of power. When you worship the beast (an idol, a substitute or replacement for Jesus Christ) you will damage your life and the lives of others with the consequences of beast worship.

·         You may use the methods of the beast to do the work of the Lamb.

·         You may try to fill your cup of personal significance by methods that damage yourself and others – force, fear, anger, threats, coercion, manipulation, intimidation – all methods of control.

The cure for the ‘beast’ disease: The worship Jesus Christ, the all-sufficient Lamb of God, to meet your every need. Contentment with Christ and His salvation is the only sure way to protect yourself against the deceptions of both ‘Babylon’ and the ‘beast.’ Christ’s sufficiency overcomes feelings of shame and inadequacy.

The Results of Covenant Salvation

 You will experience the joy of these covenant blessings in your life.

·         The patience of the saints – accepting difficult situations and people without giving God a deadline to remove them. You can confidently trust Him because He works all things together for good to those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

·         Keep the commandments of God – not to earn salvation, but to protect God’s gift of salvation to you, already provided through His everlasting covenant. You will keep the commandments, not as a list of rules by which to earn salvation, but as expressions of genuine love respecting the boundaries of both God and others.

The faith of Jesus – as you confess that your salvation does not rest on your performance of the terms of a contract, but is solely based on fully trusting in Christ’s covenant faithfulness.

©2004 HEALING STREAM MINISTRIES - Dr. Ervin K. Thomsen, Speaker
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