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The Covenant Structure of the
Three Angels Messages

 The Everlasting Gospel




Godís Everlasting Covenant: The covenant is Godís saving intention as it has always existed in the heart of the Father and the Son from all eternity. God will save all who through faith in Christís redemptive work on the cross will come to Him, trusting totally in Christís life, death, resurrection, and intercession. The covenant gives us secure identity as children of the Heavenly Father.



is a gift




Fear God




Give Glory
to Him



 Worship Him who created




 [growing by knowing Him]

The Response to Godís covenant. Receive and experience the benefits of the everlasting covenant. There are three responses to Godís covenant: (1) Fear God, (2) Give Him glory (3) Worship Him.

Those who fear God need not fear the judgment because they will have full legal representation in the judgment through their Advocate Jesus Christ.

                            [The fear of God is the antidote to all other fears].

Those who give glory to Him need not to search for love in all the wrongs places, because the love of Christ fills their love cup 

[To glorify God is the antidote to the sins of Babylon, pride and self-glory].

Those who worship the Creator give exclusive loyalty to Jesus Christ alone and find in Him their sufficiency for everything. Therefore, they will have no need to worship anyone or anything (beasts) other than Jesus Christ. They become like the One they worship and experience freedom: no need to control or be controlled by others.

[Worship of the Creator is the antidote to idolatry which is covetousness].

Covenant blessings










and significance



as gifts

  Babylon is fallen



[Satanís weeds choke out growth]

The judgment on Babylon for her attempts to find personal identity outside Godís covenant by looking for love in all the wrong places.

 Babylon is guilty of covenant unfaithfulness by having other lovers than Jesus Christ.

A Contract:

 pay for what
you get

 [buy and sell]

 Do not worship the beast



[Satanís substitutes kill]

The consequences of beast worship [idolatry], which is seeking personal identity and significance outside Godís covenant, damages self and others. 

 Beast worship is covenant unfaithfulness.


get what you
have coming

Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the command-ments of God and the faithof Jesus.





The Results of Living under the Covenant:

Patience - trusting Godís covenant promises, providence and timing while they wait. They do not try to help God out by taking things into their own hands.

Keep the commandments of God - the result of living under the provisions of Godís covenant.

The faith of Jesus - trusting in the covenant-faithfulness of Christ.

Covenant inheritance




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