God's Truth vs. Satan's Lies

God’s Truth vs. Satan’s Lies in the Three Angels Messages

They overcame by…(Rev. 12:11)

Satan’s Lies: The bad news about the ‘never enough disease.’

God’s Truth: The good news about the ‘more than enough’ life

God’s Covenant Offer:

“the blood of the Lamb.”

1st Angel’s Message:The Everlasting Gospel

God offers you His perfect acceptance and acquittal, all based on Christ’s death on Calvary’s cross. Just believe that His death for your sins is sufficient to give you right standing with God.


You are not good enough to make it in the judgment!


You must work hard to become good enough to merit God’s acceptance.


Because of Christ’s death on the cross God has declared you ‘good enough!’


Just believe and accept it as a free gift!

Covenant Responses:

“the word of their testimony”

 "Fear God..."

You must fear the judgment, for you can never be sure that you are good enough!

 Do enough and become enough!

If you fear God you need not fear anything else. You need not fear not being ‘good enough,’ for your acceptance is not based on your attainment, but on Christ’s atonement. The fear of God removes all others fears – fear of rejection, fear of punishment, fear of failure, etc.

"Give glory to Him  for the hour of His judgment is come"

 Look out for yourself – no one else does. Impress God and others with what you do – that you are ‘good enough.’

 Acknowledge your helplessness to save yourself. Give glory to God by accepting His gift of salvation as being more than enough to save you! Quit working for what is a free gift.

"Worship Him Who created heaven and earth."

Depend on yourself and your own resources (idols/beasts) to make you enough!

Worship Him – the One who created everything is BIG enough to handle anything.

Definition of Worship: To serve God with our praises and the needs of people with His sufficiency.

2nd Angel’s Message: (Warnings about covenant unfaithfulness – not trusting that God’s perfect love is enough)

 Babylon is Fallen: She is guilty of -  looking for love in  all the  wrong places (adultery, fornication)          trying to fill her cup from sources that do not satisfy but destroy (wine/intoxication)

 The abuse of love


Look for love wherever you can find it – in all the wrong places

Live to impress others – make a name for yourself.

Depend on people, places, possessions, and position to meet you deepest needs.

False identity: What you do determines  who you are.  

The bondage of make-believe freedom.


The love of God is more than enough!

There is no need to look for love in the wrong places.

Depend on God to fill your cup – He’s more than enough, and He will fill your empty spaces.

True identity: Who you are determines what you do.

The freedom that breaks all bondage.

3rd Angel’s Message (Warnings about covenant unfaithfulness – not trusting that God is BIG enough to handle your life)

Do not worship the beast…

 (Beast worship as idolatry)

 The abuse of power

 “…and they did not love their lives unto the death.”

[They would prefer death to being unfaithful to their God]

Your God isn’t BIG enough!

It is OK for you to do your own thing, because God is ‘not enough.’

Custom-design your own ‘beast/idol’ to give you a life that is ‘enough.’ 

Make you beast BIG ENOUGH to impress others and to get your own way regardless of who you may hurt.

Death:  Worship your beast and become like your beast; your beast (idol) will damage and eventually destroy you.

Your God is BIG enough to handle anything!

Do not be fooled by appearances. It is the Lamb who wins over the beast!

Though the slain Lamb does not appear BIG and POWERFUL ENOUGH, yet all of heaven regards Him as “worthy to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength, and honor and glory and blessing.” (Listen to the singing in heaven’s courtroom – Revelation 5).

Jesus is more than enough to supply your every need and to make your cup overflow.

Life: Worship the Lamb and become like the Lamb; the Lamb will give you ‘more than enough’ life.

Covenant Benefits and Results:

The patience of the saints

Not getting what you want makes it OK to grumble and complain, and to take things into your own hands.

To exercise patience when you don’t have enough, and when you deal with people who are ‘not enough’ is God’s reminder that He’s not finished with you or them yet.

The commandments of God

The commandments are too hard – you’ll never make it.

The commandments protect the fullness of the gifts God has given you – salvation, love, acceptance, acquittal etc.

The faith of Jesus

The only way to make your life ‘enough’ is to ultimately trust no one but yourself.

Depend on Jesus Christ – the Lamb is BIG ENOUGH to handle anything!

©2003 HEALING STREAM MINISTRIES - Dr. Ervin K. Thomsen, Speaker

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