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FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS NOW the war behind all wars has raged. Often termed the great controversy, this nonstop struggle has been played out across the entire universe—and it also includes everyone who lives here on planet earth.

As part of his ruthless attacks on us, our enemy daily engages in attempting to steal our basic identity as priceless, loved and cherished sons or daughters of the King of this universe. As part of his identity theft, he does his best to sell us a new and improved identity—but it is really a warped view of ourselves as worthless and insignificant. Thus we become dependent, not on what God thinks of us, but on our own performance plus the applause of others to that performance.

Identity theft, in this high-tech world of ours, is a fast-growing risk. But your credit card and banking information is not all you stand to lose. The enemy of us all wants to steal not just what you have—he wants to steal who you are! His ultimate design is to damage and disable your internal spiritual operating system residing in your identity.

This book tells you how to protect yourself against this ultimate form of identity theft, designed to destroy you from the inside out. Furthermore, this book provides an exposure of the damages of spiritual identity theft in our lives as it exalts the sufficiency and supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, for protection and repair of our broken and flawed identities, portrayed through the identity impostor symbols of the beast and Babylon in the book of Revelation.

Here you will find the good news of how Jesus Christ offers to restore us to the genuine joys of the original identity in which we were created. Learn here how to take full advantage of the supremacy of God’s firewall to protect us against all of the enemy’s subtle attacks on our identity.

Note these excerpts from the book:

  • “The best protection against the beast is the genuine worship of the Lamb.”
  • “Your internalized God-given identity provides an impenetrable firewall to protect against all the enemy’s attempts to steal your identity.”
  • “When we in worship give God what He is worth, we also thereby discover our own worth.”
  • “Idols are always lesser gods, and those who worship them become the children of such lesser gods.”

About the author

Educated in Denmark and England, Ervin K. Thomsen, D.Min., is a graduate of Andrews University. Serving for 40+ years as a pastor of churches in Michigan, Arizona, California, and Texas, he has specialized in the study of the book of Revelation as the revelation of Jesus Christ. He is best known for his “Victory Over the Beast” seminars, with their intensively practical applications, taught in churches and conventions in the United States, New Zealand, and Denmark.

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