What Others Think...

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"A most practical and Christ-centered approach to help one face the problems of daily living."
—Edwin E. Reynolds, Ph.D., School of Religion, Southern Adventist University

“…practical answers to help you live a more joyful and productive Christian life. These original, Biblical and gospel-centered presentations will make a real difference in many lives.”
—Kenneth E. Richards, former Associate Speaker, Voice of Prophecy

"…covers the subject with creativity, yet faithful to the Scriptures…the best in-depth study on the three angels messages I have ever seen."  —Lloyd Wyman, Ministerial Director, Pacific Union Conference

"…Biblically sound, brings positive assurance of salvation, intensely practical." 
—Herman Bauman, retired President, Arizona Conference of SDA

"…provides helpful insights into the meaning of the three angels messages. Listeners to these presentations will be blessed and encouraged."  —Robert W. Olson, former Director, E.G. White Estate

"The topics were the most Christ-centered and practical I've heard in my 25 years of pastoring. Dr. Thomsen is a thorough student of the Bible with the heart of a counselor. He loves the Seventh-day Adventist church and its unique message for these times. His desire is to see our special Adventist message truly impact people's lives for healing and change. Every message underlines the importance of following God in a loving, worshipful life of obedience. The subjects were the most Christ-centered and practical topics I’ve heard from any evangelistic series.”
—Pastor Bruce E. Nicola, Jr., Pastor, McKinleyville SDA Church

"A refreshing application of the three angels' messages to our personal struggles with 'the beast' within. It teaches us to rely on Jesus Christ to heal the wounds that torment us. Experience the joy of learning how to trust in the faithfulness of our covenant-keeping God." 
—Beatrice S. Neall, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Religion, Union College

“…amazing, significant and helpful insights into Scripture.”
—Jim Ayars, Bass, The King’s Heralds

"A real blessing to me." —Judson Klooster, D.D.S. - Loma Linda

"A creative and heart-appealing way of showing how the Gospel directly applies to human needs and spiritual growth."
—C. Norman Farley, Ph.D., MFCC

"The seminar is very beneficial and practical in every day life. Everyone should be able to experience this."
—L.J., Angwin, CA

"Things are more crystal clear now!" —S.S., Berkley, CA

"I have more joy in Christ now!" —J.W., Oregon

"…felt led to the great love of Jesus." —D.H., Oregon

"a wonderful program…we are hungry for the nourishment you brought." —J.C., Salinas, CA.

"I praise the Lord I was able to attend…my spirit feels lifted." —L.P., Santa Cruz, CA

"I have been blessed and encouraged…" —E.C., La Selva Beach, CA.

"I discovered…Jesus is sufficient for all my needs." —H.H., Watsonville, CA

"The sessions provided me with clear, concise meaning of the three angels messages that I would not have experienced elsewhere…an outstanding seminar…I strongly urge everyone to attend!" —R.C., Las Vegas, NV.

"I feel blessed by being here…such great inspiration." —D.J., Arcata, CA

"To hear about Jesus alone…it is about time…He makes all difference." —M.J., McKinleyville,CA

“It was truly a wonderful blessing…would have loved to hear more.”  —G.D.B., McKinleyville, CA

"The presentation about the Sabbath was the most positive and uplifting I have heard anywhere." —G.C., Bayside, CA